Saturday, July 30, 2011

I done it right and was rewarded. (smiling to myself and speaking with a Texas accent)

From Scrapbook Photos

Taken with my Android camera.

Balancing home life responsibilities and my creative passions like photography is an adventure in itself.  I have so many 
creative ideas running through my head all day long but I have to put them aside to tend to the everyday things like 
cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking.

Don't get me wrong- I love the life I have been fortunately provided in the way of a nice house, a backyard
get away complete with a small pond and vegetable garden in a small quiet town but sometimes my heart and mind
want to get away from my spot of dirt and hit the road for more excitement.

On this day I did something right; I tended to my family needs and then headed out on my little adventure.  I made the guys hamburgers and tator tots then loaded all my photography gear into my van and headed out to my favorite place-the beach.  I can't say that it is always been this way.  In the past, I've spent hours taking pictures, practicing my skills or creating art which left my family wondering what's for dinner and having to fend for themselves by making cold sandwiches or a bowl of cereal.

As in times past, I am usually fortunate enough to find a sea heart, sea purse or a hamburger at the place I decide to stop at which this time was beach mile 16.  I combed the beach for little pieces of drift word, shells and rocks and was headed back to the van when I spotted a vehicle coming towards me so I looked down at the moment to avoid eye contact and what do I see?  A hamburger!   I thought to myself, I done something right. I took care of my family first and this little treasure is here to reward me. I snapped a couple of pictures and picked up my treasure and put it my pocket.

I now have this Memorable Moment displayed on my treasure shelf to remind me always to take care of
what is most important even if it is done in little ways.



  1. How Fun!! And what a cool shot too - and a great memory to combine the "hamburgers" :)

  2. Life's little rewards are sweet : )