Friday, October 9, 2009

Day One -Steady as we go

Page 33 from the Canon 50 D Manual

About the Lens Image Stabilizer

One thing I thought was humorous in the manual about Image Stabilizer was, "The Image Stabilizer may not be effective for excessive shaking such a on a rocking boat." This immediately made me sing, DON'T ROCK THE BOAT BABY. DON'T TIP THE BOAT OVER. Then I thought of the trusty tripod, which I don't particularly like but I always use when canoing. I have gotten terrific shots using a tripod and I know how important it is for a crisp, clear picture.

Although I know this, it is still my biggest area of weakness in photography. I don't like breaking out the tripod because it's so cumbersome. I like to be in the "moment" and a tripod makes me slow down and take time to think.

So, today I reluctantly pulled out the tripod and took it outside to the backyard for my picture of the day. I made sure that I turned off the IS on my lens and set up my shot. The sun had already begun to go behind a huge garage barn so the light wasn't that great. There is a lot of standing around waiting for the hummingbird to make an appearance and the light changes quickly so I chose to use Program Mode, setting my ISO to 500.

I've learned that when you use a tripod, it is best to turn off the IS on your lens.  This goes for panning shots with a tripod as well but don't forget to switch the IS back on after your done or you will have blurry shots.

I watched a video The Moment  It Clicks interview with Scott Kelby by PeachPit-based on book The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally's. He shared his inspirational story of  the moment it clicked for him and they showed photograph that he had taken near Emerald Bay. Fittingly, it was a beautiful shot of a boat in the bay shot at dusk.  He said that it is "All about the light" and the most important thing he had for the day was the tripod. 
So, I've decided that I have to become one with my tripod.  We have to become the best of friends if I want that loving feeling that you get whenever you satisfyingly look at picture and say, 'ahhh perfect.'
The Nugget of the Day:  BE picky & shine like a new penny.  
Theme Song of the Day-Steady As We Go by the Dave Matthews Band

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