Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day One- I have accepted the challenge-so the adventure begins.

I am now in the BLOGosphere in response to a challenge made by Tasra Dawson (Author and TV Show Host of Real Women Scrap) inspired by Scott Bourne-Improve your photography 300% in 365 days.  I met Scott Bourne at a photography workshop held at Mount Rainier in which I had attended through my winning entry to the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop Contest.  Scott inspired me in many ways and you'll find out here in the upcoming days as we go along through my journey here. 

You can join Tasra and take the challenge along with me by going to her  blog
While you are there be sure to read the inspiration behind the challenge

Loving challenges like I do, I have accepted and now the adventure begins!
Hope you enjoy the ride!  :-)

Setting up and posting a blog has been quite a challenge in its self.  I'll post again later today after I've read my manual, looked at other photographer's work, and taken a picture.  

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